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Logo Digitizing

5 Reasons why you Need a Logo

1. Branding. You need to catch the viewer's immediate recognition and in order to do that you need a custom designed logo which is both Unique and Illustrative.

2. Professional Look. Even if you are a small business that doesn't mean you can't pull off the professional look. A feeling of trust and integrity is conveyed through a logo. A customer tends to associate with a company that comes off as a Professional.

3. Emotional Response. A logo for a small business can give its advantage over more successful big businesses by bringing up a positive emotional response among consumers.

4. Promotion. A logo has to be showcased everywhere online and needs to be printed on promotional items. Your logo can reach places where you can't go yourself.

5. Conveys Thoughts. Logos send messages to your consumers and impacts their shopping choices.

Contact us to have your logo Digitized for Your Business, Organization, etc. 

Logo Digitizing starts and $25.00 and most Logos can be stitched for $8.00 per item.

Contact us for Details.

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